JOJOSKIN® jojoba oil is 100% pure and natural, it has a transparent golden colour, does not oxidize and it is totally odourless. It can be stored for many years in a dry place and away from direct sunlight without altering.


Its texture is similar to a liquid wax which turns solid under 7°C in which case immerse the bottle into warm water to regain its liquid state.

It is mainly composed of unsaturated oils and alcohol esters, without the presence of triglycerides. On top of vitamin E and proteins, JOJOSKIN® contains 96% of ceramides which cover dermis cells and regulate their natural hydration, avoiding oxidation and the formation of free radicals which are the main cause of premature aging of the skin.

Its molecules are similar ot human ceramides, which guarantees optimal skin absorption. A chemical analysis of this oil shows eight different aromas whereas other jojoba oils show only three and four.

In order to maintain the best condition and quality of the product, Jojoskin is delivered in a glass bottle with a dosing valve, allowing its properties to remain unaltered while preserving its rich goden colour. The bottle contents 60 ml and it should be kept away from direct sunlight.