Like no other

Many reasons make that Jojoskin is not like any other Jojoba Oil.First, due to the specific area of the Atacama Desert, a pollution free zone, the plantation soils are kept free from pesticides and worked through with ancestral methods (with animals or by hand) to avoid contact with polluted fuel or chemicals and thus preserve the richness in natural fertilizers.

Jojoba fruit is recollected once a year and cold pressed to obtain the purest oil which is decanted by the use of a natural time cycle without centrifugation, so that all the extraordinary qualities of this precious oil are kept, respecting ancient extraction methods.

After six months only, JOJOSKIN® is carefully bottled in a laboratory. Only 300’000 bottles of 60ml per year are produced in order to guarantee the highest quality. You will find nothing that compares to JOJOSKIN® in the world. Exclusive and luxurious, JOJOSKIN® is what your skin deserves.